Social responsibility

Batys Transit JSC considers the corporate social responsibility as a voluntary contribution to the development of social, economic and ecological aspects of the society. The Company, being aware of the significance of the corporate social responsibility, implements its values and principles in the course of operations, both for the employee relations and dealing with the business partners, consumers and society in whole.


Internal social responsibility

The Company realizes that the social responsibility starts primarily from the responsibility before its employees. In this regard, the Company provides the most comfortable working conditions for its employees, as well as ensures the complex social warrantees for the staff.

Social support of the Company’s employees is based on the Company’s internal  regulations and it is aimed primarily at:

  • labor safety;
  • stability and competitiveness of salary rates;
  • additional medical and social insurance for the employees;
  • development of human resources due to the training courses, workshops development programs;
  • assistance to employees in critical situations.

A special attention is also given to the corporate, creating a favorable psychological climate among the team members, helping to unite the employees and motivate the team for achievement of the common goals.

An integral part of the Company’s corporate life is sport. It concerns not only the employees, but also the members of their families, who are encourage to take part in the sporting activities. The Company concluded the contracts with the leading sport membership clubs for several years to ensure the fitness, healthcare and medical services for the Company’s employees and their families.  


External social responsibility

In order to contribute to the environmental protection, Batys Transit JSC assumed the obligations to minimize the industrial impact on the ecology. In order to achieve the improvements in ecological indicators, the following ecological initiatives are taken:

- observance of environmental norms during the operation of existing and construction of new industrial facilities;

- use of the power equipment, complying with the ecological safety requirements. 

The Company assumes its responsibility before the State and consumers by providing the reliable and uninterruptable power supply for the facilities, upgrading the networks in timely manner, preventing and eliminating the technological disruptions in shortest periods of time.

At the same time, the external social responsibility of the Company is expressed in form of charity and sponsorship. As a member of the Association of the Legal Entities Kazakhstan Power and Electricity Association, the Company provides the sponsorship for publication  of a memorial book on the establishment and development of the Kazakhstan’s power industry.   

In view of celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Company provided the relevant material support to the Council of Veterans of Almaly district of  Almaty city.    

The Company will be implementing the social responsibility activities in the future, ensuring the highest compliance with the best standards and principles in the same practice of the foreign companies.

70 Years of the Great Victory   Helping the mudflow victims in Almaty