Project HV line 220kW


Extension of operation capabilities of North Kazakhstan – Aktobe Region inter-regional transmission line 


New smelter No. 4 was under construction in the territory of Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant  of TNK Kazchrome JSC in Aktobe from 2010 up to 2014.  The main purpose of construction is to introduce the latest energy efficient equipment and technologies that enable to reduce the production costs. To organize the reliable external power supply, the smelter No. 4 of Batys Transit JSC completed construction of two single-chain high voltage 220 kV lines with in a short period of time- from August 2012 up to May 2013, from  Ulke Substation- 500 kV to the  substation GPP-2- 220 kV of AZF TNK Kazchrome JSC. The length of each chain was 37 km. Taking into account the estimated electrical load of the workshop # 4, the nominal capacity of new 220 V high-voltage line “Ulke-SS GPP-2 AZF” is 270 MW. The ceremonial commissioning of new high-voltage power lines took place on July 4, 2013.

Realization of the construction of a new 220 kV HV LINE enables not only to trusted external energy smelter No. 4 Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant, but also significantly increase the amount of electricity transferred by VL 500 kV Zhitikara-Ulke. As soon as the smelter reaches the full capacity, it is expected to increase the transit through the networks of Batys Transit JSC in 2.5 times, thereby, reducing the transmission rate for more than 20 per cent for all the consumers of Aktobe region.

The volume of investments into this project amounted to $ 3 billion KZT. The construction was financed from the credits of the Eurasian Development Bank. The general contractor is Kerneu Ltd LLP.

“Workshop No. 4” is the largest investment and innovation project of TNK Kazchrome JSC, included in the State program of FIID, one of the most important for the economy of Aktobe region. Annual production capacity of workshop No. 4 will be 440 thousand of high carbon content ferrochrome.